“It is unusual that a guitarist shows a diversity of ideas that can be expressed both instrumentaly and vocaly…This was a pleasure. Excelent." (Mark French, Berklee College of Music.)

“An authentic musical “maniac”. (Hrvoje Horvat, Vjesnik)

The sound reminds of Pat Metheny, however, this is a completely new sound, row, liberated, with fast, unexpected lines that merge into semichord groups with strong motion...An interpretation which fascinates with the contemplative approach and stayes in unforgettable memory." (Nino Zupčević, Cantus)

“It’s rare to hear  such a stylisticaly purified and performingly superior releases…(Stanić is) a guitar stylist with a recognisable sound and an amazing fluidness, but the colaboration with the band musicians that follow his high standards with an ease, diserves our utmost respect” (Darko Glavan, Večernji list)

“Elvis Stanić is defininitely the most authentic “dude” of our progressive fusion music.” (Pipo, Cantus)

Elvis Stanić is the best Croatian contemporary jazz fusion guitarist, accordeonist and the most awarded croatian jazz composer. He is the leader of the «Elvis Stanić Group», a jazz fusion band which connects mediteranean fluidness with fiercing latin rhythm and contemporary jazz sound. The band performes original music, with starting point in modern electric jazz, expanding it to the edge of traditional, latin or even the New Age music frontiers.

Elvis Stanic, the leader and the composer of the band performed twice at the Montreaux Jazz Festival at '98 and 2003., 2006 at the Lincoln Center, New York, (with Buster Williams and Lenny White), as well a with many great jazz artists from all over the world -  Gilberto Gil, Django Bates,  Scott Kinsey, Hadrien Feraud, Martin Drew , Mike Baker, Katisse Buckingham,  Bobby Thomas Jr, , Alwin Queen, Furio di Castri, Karen Asatrian….

He  played at numerous Jazz festivals in the United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Netherland, Norway , Italy, Slovenia, Serbia Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Germany, Greece,...

He is a member of a UK based band, „Andrea Vicary Quartet“, and the international band „Jazz Ex Tempore Orchestra“.

He has been teaching Jazz guitar and Jazz theory at the Jeunesse Musicalle Summer Jazz School in Grisignana for the past  eight consecutive years. He is also the founder and the Art Director of the „Liburnia Jazz Festival“ and the „Jazz Ex Tempore“ international multicultural educational project in Opatija, Croatia.

He is a president of the Croatian Association  of Featured Musicians (CAFM - HUIG), member of the director board of International Artists Organisation (IAO), member of the Croatian Composers Society (HDS) and International Association of  Jazz Educators (IAJE).

As a full scholarship awarded Best Entering Student Talent in the 1994. he went to the Berklee College of Music, Boston, where he studied Guitar and Jazz Composition. During the Boston years, he performed with most of Boston based musicians, such as Jim Kelly, Dennis Montgomery, John Thomas, Bob Harrigan, Frank Williams and many others.

He is the winner of numerous awards and recognitions: 22 Croatian Grammy Awards (Porin), 9 „Status Award“ for the best performer, and in 2008. he has been decorated with „Presidental Order of Croatian Danica with figure of Marko Marulić“ – the highest Croatian order for the cultural achievements.


2008 Medal of the Order of Croatian Danica
{highest national recognition for culture}
1994 Award for Outstanding Musicianship
{Berklee Clinics at Umbria Jazz, Perugia, Italy}
1995 Best Entering Student Talent
{Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA}
Crni Mačak
{National Journalist Award}
1997 1999
for the best instrumental performer
{National music Award}
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for the best jazz album
1998 2006 2008
for the best jazz song
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1998 for the best traditional music performance
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for the best pop album
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for the best arrangement
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for album of the year
2014 2017      
for the best production
2016 for the best MOR album
2018 for the best male vocal performance
{Croatian Musicians Union Annual Award}
1998 2003 2004 2007 2008
2009 2010 2012 20172018
best instrumental performer in category of Jazz, Latin, Fusion & Ethnic Music
for the best jazz guitarist
for the best guitarist
for the MOR, pop-rock and urban music, other instruments, best accordeonist
1998 The annual award for outstanding cultural achievements
{City of Opatija}
2004 „Toner för miljoner“1st prize Swedish choir competition “Toner för miljoner”, category: Female choirs, composition: “Helleya” /Elvis Stanić/, artists: “Nova choir”, Gothenburg, Sweden
2012 The annual award of the Croatian Composers Society for jazz music „Miroslav Sedak Benčić“
2013 Special recognition of Croatian Music Union for contribution to Croatian music and 40 years of artistic activity
2017 "Silk Road Frendship Award" - Comittee of The Silk Road International Arts Festival, Xi'an, China
2019 Grožnjan Municipality Award for outstanding achievements and contributions of particular importance to the development and the reputation of Grožnjan, the City of Artists
Annual Award of Primorsko Goranska County
{for cultural achievements }
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