09. 09. 2017Xi'an,
Symphony hall of Conservatory of Music

Elvis Stanić Group

08. 09. 2017Xi'an,
Concert Hall

Elvis Stanić Group

07. 09. 2017Xi'an,
Guangdian Grand Theatre

Elvis Stanić Group

18. 08. 2017Jurandvor,
Baška International Guitar Festival

Elvis Stanić Group

06. 08. 2017Vela Luka,
Open Jazz Festival

Oliver Dragojević, Tedi Spalato, Elvis Stanić

15. 07. 2017Grožnjan,

Groznjan All Stars
Elvis Stanić, Luis Bonilla, John Riley, Andy McKee, Hektor Martignon, Charenee Wade, Jim Rotondi

14th to 27th 07. 2017. Grožnjan, SUMMER JAZZ SCHOOL

Elvis Stanić

09. 07. 2017.Opatija, Liburnia Jazz Festival

Elvis Stanić Group

09. 07. 2017. Opatija, KTC Gervais

Yamaha Guitar Master Workshop

06. 07. 2017. Rovinj, Rovinj Jazz Festival

Oliver Dragojević / Antonio Serrano / Elvis Stanić

09. 05. 2017. Rijeka, Pogon kulture

All star HR jazz band - Award ceremony of the STATUS HGU award

07. 05. 2017. Opatija, Gervais Hall

Elvis Stanić & Opatija Chamber Orchestra

17. 03. 2017. Split, Završna svečanost Glazbene nagrade Porin

Elvis Stanić: Jazz Medley / Oliver Dragojević

11. 03. 2017. Zagreb, Arena

Oliver Dragojević / Zagrebačka filharmonija / Antonio Serrano / Elvis Stanić

01. 01. 2017. Zagreb, Hrvatsko narodno kazalište

Novogodišnji koncert: Valceri, polke i druge špelancije
Gost Tamburaškog orkestra HRT-a

23. 12. 2016.Viškovo, Dom hrvatskih branitelja

Božićno-novogodišnji koncert
Gost Limene glazbe Marinići

22. 12. 2016.Ravna Gora

Elvis Stanić Group

16. 12. 2016.Split, Klub Quasimodo

Elvis Stanić Group

13. 12. 2016.Vrbovsko

Elvis Stanić Group

12. 12. 2016.Labin, Osnovna umjetnička škola Matka Brajše Rašana

Gostovanje na svečanom koncertu povodom Dana škole

08. 12. 2016. Klana, Multimedijalni centar

Elvis Stanić Group

11. 11. 2016.Opatija, Kristalna dvorana hotela Kvarner

RetrOpatijski Festival
Josipa Lisac

07. 10. 2016.Split

Spaladium Arena
Oliver & Gibboni

27. 08. 2016.Pula

Arena Pula
Oliver & Gibboni

21. 08. 2016.Makarska

Ljetna pozornica
Oliver Dragojević / Antonio Serrano / Elvis Stanić

06. 08. 2016.Vela Luka

Last Minute Open Jazz Festival
Oliver Dragojević / Antonio Serrano / Elvis Stanić

30. 07. 2016.Grožnjan

Jazz is Back BP
Jazz is Back Finale

26. 07. 2016.Grožnjan

Jazz is Back BP
criss - CROss # Jazz Ex Tempore Orchestr

23. 07. 2016.Grožnjan

Jazz is Back BP
Senior Service Jazz Clinics

19. 07. 2016.Grožnjan

Jazz is Back BP
Senior Service Jazz Clinics

18. - 30. 07. 2016.Grožnjan

Ljetna jazz škola Hrvatske glazbene mladeži - workshops

01. 07. 2016.Opatija - Ljetna pozornica

16. Liburnia Jazz Festival - criss-CROss#Jazz Extempore Priject - SILENT CONCERT


24. 08. 2017

Koncertna turneja Xi'an – Kina

Elvis Stanić Group has been selected to participate in the China Central and Eastern European Countries (China-CEEC) Cultural Season project as a representative of Croatian music.

Elvis Stanić Group will play gigs in the most prestigious concert halls in Xi'an and participate at the opening ceremony of the 4th Silk Road International Art Festival.

26. 06. 2017.

Elvis Stanić - guitar master workshop

On Sunday, July 9 at 11 am, Elvis Stanić will host the Guitar Master Workshop "From Blues and Jazz to  Own Style" at the Cultural Center „Gervais“.

09. 05. 2017.

Status Award 2017.

Elvis Stanić won the Croatian Music Union's award Status in the category of Pop-Rock and Urban Music: Other Instruments - Accordeon

02. 05. 2017.

First single "Rusulica"

Elvis Stanić and Oliver Dragojević have released the single "Rusulica" announcing the new album Air / Zrak , which will be available from Friday, May 5, 2017.

The first single  "Rusulica" featuring Oliver Dragojevic can be heard here.

25. 04. 2017.

Elvis Stanić and Opatija Chamber Orchestra promote the new album Zrak / Air

Elvis Stanić presenting the new original album "AIR / ZRAK" dedicated to jazz, traditional and orchestral music.
At the premiere concert promotion in the center of Gervais he will perform with his main group along with the Opatija Chamber Orchestra - OKO under the conduction of Damir Smerdel's and with numerous guests: Marko Tolja, Željka Veverec, Nataša Tonković, Nataša Uljan and Igor Geržina.

Buy tickets online.

17. 03. 2017.

Oslo Symfoniorkester collaborating on new Elvis Stanić's album

Elvis is currently recording his new album. Part of the songs will be recorded at Rainbow Studio in Oslo featuring Oslo Symfoniorkester.

17. 03. 2017.

Four Porin Awards

This year's Music Award Porin, grand gala held at Spaladium arena in Split, saw Evis Stanić collecting four statues. His work on Familija album by Oliver Dragojević and Gibboni granted him the awards for Album of the Year, best pop album, best arrangement and best production

17. 02. 2017.

Porin 2017

Elvis Stanic nominated in six categories of the Croatian Music Award – Porin: Album of the yeat, Best jazz album, Best pop album, Best arrangement, Best production, Best recording.

18. 12. 2016.

Greatests Hits Collection

The prestigious edition of  „The Greatest Hits Collection“ for Croatia Records, is richer for an edition of an exceptional artistic and musical value. Collection of greatest hits of Elvis Stanic, one of most established jazz musicians in the region and beyond, is now on sale! Available online.

04. 12. 2016.

It is time to hear jazz in the Highlands and Gorski Kotar

During December 2016., Elvis Stanic Group, thanks to the sponsorship of the Cultural Network of thw PGC, played in several smaller towns and Highlands  of Gorski Kotar:
08.12. - Klana / 13.12. - Vrbovsko / 22.12. - Ravna Gora

03. 12. 2016.

"Waltzes, polkas and other špelancije"

Appearing with Croatian National Television's Tambura Orchestra, conducted by Siniša Leopold at the traditional New Year's concert -  "Waltzes, polkas and other špelancije" in the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.

15. 07. 2016.

Elvis Stanic Group was invited to China as part of the "2017 China-CEEC (Central and Eastern European Countries) Cultural Season“

After the recent visit of Chinese cultural delegation to Croatia in June, Elvis Stanic and his musical group -  „Elvis Stanic Group“ -  received an invitation from the Executive Vicepresident and Secretary General of the Chinese National Association of Jazz (Jazz Chinese Association) Adam Yong Huang,  to tour as part of the "2017 China-CEEC (Central and Eastern European Countries) Cultural Season ".  "2017 China-CEEC Cultural Season" is a year-round program that includes several Chinese cities and the most important art festivals.

14. 06. 2016.

CD criss - CROss # Jazz Ex Tempore Orchestra

At a press conference in Opatija introduced a new CD criss - cross # Jazz Ex Tempore Orchestra in Croatia Records.

31. 05. 2016.

Elvis Stanic  tried a new series of Yamaha RevStar guitars

Last week, in the Euro-Unit/Yamaha Music Shop in Rijeka, Elvis Stanic tried new line of Yamaha RevStar electric guitars. He played them trough Yamaha THR100HD amplifier with Yamaha THRC212 audio box.
"Elvis Stanić meets Revstar guitars"

24. 05. 2016.

Elvis Stanic became an endorser for The RevStarYamaha guitar

Yamaha Revstar

28. 04. 2016.

criss - CROss # Jazz Ex Tempore Project

Announced a recording of the CD "criss - cross # Jazz Ex Tempore Project" and a SILENT CONCERT at the 16th Liburnia Jazz Festival (01 07)

08. 04. 2016.

New Gibonni and Oliver's CD released - "Familija"

On  a new CD from Gibonni and Oliver - "Familja" - Elvis Stanic participate as Oliver's producer on the album, and as an accordionist in Gibonni's  song "Onako od oka".

17. 03. 2016.

Elvis won „Porin“award for the album "Harlequin" performed by Ibrica Jusić

Elvis Stanic won „Porin“ award in the category for the  best pop music album, as a producer of the CD "Harlequin" by Ibrica Jusić