• Elvis Stanić
  • Alba Nacinovich
  • Branimir Gazdik
  • Goran Rukavina
  • Maasej Kovačević

The main project is the "Elvis Stanic Group" - the band established upon returning from Boston. In upcominig years the band gained the notoriety of a true Croatian jazz attraction. The "Elvis Stanic Group" is a world jazz orchestra, which connects a meditterranean fluidness of the Croatian Traditional Music with the contemporary tendencies in Jazz. The ESG performes the original music, crossing over the borders of traditional styles and music

They released five albums and one "best of" compilation, and in past 10 years won 16 "Porins" (National Discography Award) in cathegories of the Jazz and Instrumental music:
The best Jazz album - 1997, 2000, 2006, 2008, 2013
The best Jazz composition - 1997, 1998, 2005, 2008
The best Jazz performance - 2000, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009
The best Instrumental music performance - 2005, 2008


“It is unusual that a guitarist shows a diversity of ideas that can be expressed both instrumentaly and vocaly…This was a pleasure. Excelent. (Mark French, Berklee College of Music.)

„...this is a completely new sound, row, liberated, with fast, unexpected lines that merge into semichord groups with strong motion...An interpretation which fascinates with the contemplative approach and stayes in unforgettable memory.» (Nino Zupcevic, Cantus)

“It’s rare to hear such a stylisticaly purified and performingly superior releases…(Stanic is) a guitar stylist with a recognisable sound and an amazing fluidness, but the colaboration with the band musicians that follow his high standards with an ease, diserves our utmost respect” (Darko Glavan, Vecernji list)

Elvis Stanić - guitar, accordeon, vocal Alba Nacinovich - lead vocal, acc. guitar Branimir Gazdik - drums, perccusion Goran Rukavina - upright and electric bass Maasej Kovačević - piano, keyboards

  • criss-CROsss Jazz Ex Tempore Project
  • Elvis Stanić
  • Marko Ramljak
  • Maasej Kovačević
  • Filip Novosel
  • Tonči Grabušić
  • Damjan Grbac

Many have tried to modernize the Croatian musical heritage, but what he did Elvis Stanic in his new project "criss - cross" with the Jazz Ex Tempore Band exceeds many expectations. Gathering at the end of 2015. Ms. specialists in musical heritage from all over the Croatian, musicians have transformed existing musical patterns and "offered a model for the contemporary expression of the Croatian musical tradition. Since this is a Croatian team with leading musicians of idiom, representative works and wisely thought out implementation, this project is a roadmap for action creative artists who work with the sign "Croatian", ideal for presentation of Croatian tradition and art in the world. "(Davor Hrvoj , Novi list)

Elvis Stanić -guitar, accordeon Marko Ramljak - violin Maasej Kovačević - piano, synth Filip Novosel - tambura Tonči Grabušić - drums, percusssion Damjan Grbac - double bass

  • Jazz ExTempore Orchestra
  • Jazz ExTempore Orchestra

From the first meeting in 2008. Ex Tempore Orchestra had a very successful concert tour in the UK (London, Scarborough, Southport, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge), Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv), the Netherlands (Groningen, Utrecht, Leimuiden), Italy (Grado), Serbia (Novi Sad, Subotica, Valjevo) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Mostar).

In 2009 . Orchestra released the CD "Round Trip", and in 2013 CD "East & West".

Elvis Stanić - guitar, accordeon Andrea Vicary - piano Hristo Yotsov - drums Rico De Jeer - double bass